Temporal Verification of Reactive Systems: Safety

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Thus even relatively small systems may exhibit unexpectedly complex behaviours. As moreover reactive systems are often used in safety critical systems, the need for mathematically based formal methodology is increasingly important.

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There are many books that look at particular methodologies for such systems. This book offers a more balanced introduction for graduate students and describes the various approaches, their strengths and weaknesses, and when they are best used. Milner's CCS and its operational semantics are introduced, together with the notions of behavioural equivalences based on bisimulation techniques and with recursive extensions of Hennessy-Milner logic. In the second part of the book, the presented theories are extended to take timing issues into account.

The book has arisen from various courses taught in Denmark and Iceland and is designed to give students a broad introduction to the area, with exercises throughout.

Reactive Systems

AB - A reactive system comprises networks of computing components, achieving their goals through interaction among themselves and their environment. Reactive Systems Modelling, Specification and Verification.

We also offer translators to NuSMV, a well-known and very efficient symbolic model checker. Moreover, SAT solvers and further decision procedures like the equality logic of uninterpreted functions will also be soon available. In our recent work, we also consider the problem of temporal logic synthesis, and other kinds of automatic program syntheses.

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The problem is thereby that one automatically derives an implementation from a declarative specification such that appropriate outputs are determined for all input traces to satisfy the given temporal properties. In particular, we apply these approaches to determine difficult control-flow conditions of programs to avoid e.

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To this end, we developed efficient determinization procedures for different kinds of omega-automata. Another recent work deals with the interactive verification of synchronous systems.

Reactive power compensation - why reactive power compensation is needed

The ideas is thereby to develop rules of a proof calculus such that proof goals can be decomposed by reducing the system in different ways like program slicing or case splits by control-flow locations or boolean conditions on variables. In particular, the result is a specialized theorem prover with an infrastructure that follows interactive theorem provers for higher order logic like Isabelle-HOL.

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Learn more. Verification and Analysis Many embedded systems are used in safety-critical applications, where errors can endanger human lives and may lead to enormous costs. Grumberg and H. Kern and M.