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In addition to the problems of availability and accessibility of dental care there are social and psychological problems affecting the acceptability of dental health care.

To overcome these difficulties the dentist must understand the bases of his own perceptions as well as those of his patients which interact in the dentist-patient treatment situation. Although many of the physical problems can be solved by such measures as wheel chair ramps, the major difficulty is the social acceptability of the handicapped. Correspondingly, three dimensions of disability are recognized in ICF: body structure and function and impairment thereof , activity and activity restrictions and participation and participation restrictions.

The classification also recognizes the role of physical and social environmental factors in affecting disability outcomes. Disabilities can affect people in different ways, even when one person has the same type of disability as another person.

Making the adjustment

Some disabilities may be hidden, known as invisible disability. There are many types of disabilities, such as those that affect a person's: Vision Hearing Thinking Learning Movement Mental health Remembering Communicating Social relationships.

Handicapped People Facing Some Problems in Mumbai Local Trains

We are in the beginning stages only of our understanding of the factors that are important in the psychology of physical handicap. My experience in working with the physically handicapped has been limited both by inclination and opportunity, and I suggest the following psychological principles in only a tentative way.

Living Well with a Disability

I believe that they are among the more important principles that may ultimately be developed into a full-scale psychology of physical handicap. In addition to the above principles, there is a social psychological aspect of physical handicap that it is helpful to keep in mind.

At present it is possible to suggest this only in broad outline. To understand the social psychological problems of the physically handicapped, it is helpful to think of them as members of a group among whom certain loyalties have become established, certain attitudes developed, and for whom certain behavior has come to be appropriate and to have acquired sanction.

Psychological problems of the physically handicapped patient.

The physically handicapped may be considered to represent one of the marginal groups in the culture. As a minority group, the physically disabled, as other minority group members, tend to feel under-privileged.

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The physically disabled often find it difficult to identify themselves with the non-handicapped, whom they may regard as a group whose lot in life is more fortunate than their own. On the other hand, there are disabled persons who have learned that, although they may discover advantages in identifying themselves with others who are also physically handicapped, such identifications may seriously restrict their activities and social contacts to an extent that leads to personal conflict and frustration.