Optomechatronics: Fusion of Optical and Mechatronic Engineering

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Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. Optomechatronics, as a fusion of optical and mechatronic engineering, have played a key role in developing innovative products such as high precision instruments, defence, photonic systems, measurements, diagnostics, semiconductors, and so on. And optomechatronics technologies have greatly contributed to the state of the art industries in optics design, manufacturing, optical imaging, metrology, and other applications.

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This book covers a multitude of optomechatronics advantages and solutions. It includes 20 contributions featuring laser and fiber optics, nitride semiconductors, LIDAR technology, machine vision, optical imaging, micro optoelectro mechanical systems, optical metrology, optical-based sensors and actuators, optomechatronics for microscopes, optical pattern and fiber, optomechatronics for bio-medical applications, optomechatronics for manufacturing applications, robotics for micro and nano scales, and other applications.

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As revised and extended versions, the contributed articles are selected from the proceedings of the International Symposium on Optomechatronic Technologies held on Oct , in Jeju Island, Korea. Zujie Fang. Magnetic Levitation. Hyung-Suk Han. Modeling and Simulation for Microelectronic Packaging Assembly.

Encyclopedia of Thermal Packaging. Avram Bar-Cohen. Nonlinear Approaches in Engineering Applications. Reza N. Ion Visa. Fuh-Gwo Yuan.

Optomechatronics: Fusion of Optical and Mechatronic Engineering - Hyungsuck Cho - Google Books

Transactions on Intelligent Welding Manufacturing. Shanben Chen. Precision Product-Process Design and Optimization. Sanjay S.

Optomechatronics: Fusion of Optical and Mechatronic Engineering

Fiber Optic Sensing and Imaging. Jin U. Simulations for Design and Manufacturing. Uday S. Vibration Engineering and Technology of Machinery. Jyoti K. Micromechanics and Microactuators. Gondi Kondaiah Ananthasuresh. Evgeni Gusev. Dan Zhang. Gaudenzio Meneghesso. Nanopositioning Technologies.

Changhai Ru. Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductor Packaging. Katsuaki Suganuma. Changhwan Shin. Optical Network Design and Planning. Jane M. Christoforos Kachris. Piezoelectric Actuators and Generators for Energy Harvesting. Sergey N. Yun Ouyang. Coherent Laser Beam Combining. Arnaud Brignon. Tunable Micro-optics. Hans Zappe. High-Resolution Microwave Imaging. Ruliang Yang. Photonic Packaging Sourcebook. Ulrich H. New Technologies in Electromagnetic Non-destructive Testing.

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  7. Optomechatronic technology: the characteristics and perspectives.
  8. Songling Huang. Kapila Rohan Attele. Electromagnetic Actuation and Sensing in Medical Robotics. Hongliang Ren. Zheng Liu. Fiber-Optic Transmission Networks. Stephan Pachnicke. Silicon Analog Components.


    Badih El-Kareh. Theory and Applications of Applied Electromagnetics. Ping Jack Soh.

    Two-Dimensional Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides. Alexander V. Applications of Organic and Printed Electronics. Eugenio Cantatore. Coding for Optical Channels. Ivan Djordjevic. Gordon Shaw III. Transionospheric Synthetic Aperture Imaging. Mikhail Gilman. SYROM Wego Wang. Z Feng. Joel A. Robert X Gao. Phononic Crystals. Ali Adibi. Atul Tiwari. Pose-varied Multi-axis Optical Finishing Systems.

    Haobo Cheng. Hong Jiang. Quantum Plasmonics. Sergey I. Qingke Zhang. Lead Free Solder. John Hock Lye Pang. Handbook of Medical Imaging. Isaac Bankman. Anna Timofiejczuk. Entransy in Phase-Change Systems. Junjie Gu. Jian Yang. China Society of Automotive Engineers. Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging: Inside Out.

    Thomas L. Modern Manufacturing Engineering.