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Florida-shaped Xanth is a land of puns, dragons, illusions, and problems to be solved. The formula Geis of the Gargoyle. Piers Anthony. Since Xanth began, the gargoyles of that magical place have been under a magical compulsion to protect the purity of the Swan Knee River which flows in to Xanth from dreary Mundania.

But recently the pollution from the outside world has grown ever greater, and young Gary Gar, latest in a long line of gargoyle guardians, is finding it ever more difficult to fulfill his responsibilities. The job was done. She had resumed her full human form, and was correctly garbed. I shall have to proceed along the ground. She exploded into roiling smoke. Flames licked around the roils. Her voice emerged, tinged with soot. I'll walk when you do. Thanks for not looking.

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She paused, fuzzing briefly before firming again. It occurs to me that you're not quite as careless as you seem. Gary pondered. Why should you care about panties? But that does give me a notion.

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You mean I can tempt you in this form, and endlessly frustrate you? This promises to be entertaining after all. We'll proceed along the shore.

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Except —" She broke off, evidently waiting for his query. You'll have trouble navigating that. They set off down the riverbed, bound by bound, using their little wings to steer the bounds and keep them within bounds. It was the gargoyle way. Before long the dry riverbanks changed color, turning yellow. Gary paused. Golden coins rolled down into the channel. And there's a mint. A new kind of tree appeared along the bank. There was the sound of barking. It happens. It got worse. Ahead was a solid line of canines. It was impossible to bound through them. So they stopped before the large female in the center.

Dogma reconsidered. Just what kind of a monster are you? I purify the water coming along this river, but I'm trying to find a better way to do it. We thought you were pretending to be a dog. Dogma turned to the others. The swans would go away. The dogs looked disgusted, but gave way, and the two moved on down the river channel.

But they had hardly cleared the dog region before they encountered worse. They stopped as the wolves closed in. He was getting impatient with these delays; at this rate it would be hard to accomplish his business with the Good Magician and return before nightfall. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Available for Pre-Order. This item will be available on September 24, Explore Now. But payment for his service is high.

Geis of the Gargoyle Xanth Bk 18, Piers Anthony. )

Gary must find a philter for the water, while taking on human form to tutor a wild human child, with help from the surly Sorceress Iris, and—even though time is of the essence—taking Hiatus, a known troublemaker, along for the ride. About the Author. Piers Anthony has written dozens of bestselling science fiction and fantasy novels. Perhaps best known for his long-running Magic of Xanth series, many of which are New York Times bestsellers, he has also had great success with the Incarnations of Immortality series and the Cluster series, as well as Bio of a Space Tyrant and others.

Much more information about Piers Anthony can be found at www. His Xanth novels have been read and loved by millions of readers around the world, and he daily receives hundreds of letters from his devoted fans. In addition to the Xanth series, Anthony is the author of many other bestselling works. He lives in Inverness, Florida.

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You, in contrast, are unconscionably aesthetic. Thank you. I have just three questions to ask of you, monster. You promised to answer mine after three of yours. Mentia, but that's only a half-truth. I answered three already. Now it's my turn again. What's a gaysh? You're pronouncing it as it sounds. So what is it? For example she would say you really don't look properly volant, and you would say —" "Properly what?

I answered three. What's this about honor? But why not do it the easy way? I shall make the dam. We need water. But Gary hesitated. I weigh considerable, being lithic. That doesn't mean I have to be landbound.

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  • But I suspect that if I did —" "Oh. We're the ugliest creatures in Xanth, and righteously proud of it. But you evidently do. I'd be glad to spout water with you. It's just doing its thing. What good is it? But I understand they love it in Mundania.

    Geis of the Gargoyle

    They bounded on. But maybe it doesn't matter; that's just doggerel. They can't hurt us. I'm a demoness and you're mostly mythic. But the animals pursued doggedly.

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