Electronic Distance Measurement: An Introduction

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Suppression of Systematic Errors of Electronic Distance Meters for Measurement of Short Distances

Types of EDM error 1. At a trial distance, measure a slope distance. Convey this information to the chainman by hand signal or radio. Then move the prism to a new trial position. When the prism is within m of its required position, compute a horizontal distance. Measure the difference between trial and required position with a tape and move the prism to the new position.

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The distance can be checked and the ground marked as required. The prism is set on line and the distance measured in the normal way.

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The distance will be updated every few seconds. Continue until the prism is within m of its required position and then proceed as before in i.

Further if the co- ordinates of the point to be set out are stored at the EDM using HP 41CV calculator , the co-ordinates of the prism can be computed using distance and bearing and compared with the required values. This information being conveyed to the remote receiver on the prism. A profile of the EDM works was organized as a raw data base, which was transformed into an ad-hoc data base suitable to be mined.

What is EDM?

As result of the execution of statistical and clustering processes, a set of educational functionalities was found, a realistic pattern of EDM approaches was discovered, and two patterns of value-instances to depict EDM approaches based on descriptive and predictive models were identified.

One key finding is: most of the EDM approaches are ground on a basic set composed by three kinds of educational systems, disciplines, tasks, methods, and algorithms each. The review concludes with a snapshot of the surveyed EDM works, and provides an analysis of the EDM strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats, whose factors represent, in a sense, future work to be fulfilled. The energy originates at an instrument at one end of a line and is transmitted to a "reflector" at the other end from where it is returned to the originating instrument.

The nature of the "reflector" is dependent on the type of EM. If electro-optical infrared or laser EM is used then the "reflector" is typically a passive medium which bounces the signal back. If the EM is microwave, then the reflector is a second instrument which captures the incoming energy and re-transits it back to the originating instrument. Related Papers.

Electronic Distance Measurement

By Asif Mehmood. By prastia nanda. SET60 E 0. These are additive constant, scale factor and cyclic error.

The first two errors can be calculated using formulae given and the cyclic error is derived independently of the calibration results 1. Calibration An EDM is calibrated against a testline of between four and eight points of known distance apart and height established as part of the National Measurement Standard to required standards of accuracy.

After correcting for errors calculated as given in the reference 1 the measured distances are compared with the known distances and a standard deviation calculated for the instrument. Read Free For 30 Days. Electronic Distance Measurement. Description: edm are the instrumrnts which are the advancement in surveying. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Kyra Claire Zaharr. Mohamad Syafiq. Umer Farooq. Amirul Safri. Muhammad Ruzaini. Tahmidul Islam Farabi.

Aisyah Ibrahim.