Daybook: The Journal of an Artist

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Beautifully written and a rare window on the workings of a creative mind, Daybook showcases an extraordinary artist whose insights generously and succinctly illuminate the artistic process.

Audrey Niffenegger is a visual artist and a guide at Highgate Cemetery. She lives in Chicago.

Here are a few quotes that resonate with me: The distinction of joy vs. Colors overran, lines tilted, and with about the same degree of effectiveness as Don Quixote going at the windmills.

I would be a fool to sacrifice joy to fun Truitt, It's like not knowing where you're going but knowing how to get there. Forster, the delicious and balanced meals, the lack of responsibility —— has cradled me, and I am recovering from last winter Truitt, Daybook: The Journal of an Artist.

New York: Scribner, , Corbin Bleu Up Close. Typography Impressionism Inspiration and Evolution. Nueva cartografia de la produccion audiovisual argentina.

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daybook: the journal of an artist

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