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For more information on the richness of Hungarian dance, check out:.

Csárdás (Monti, Vittorio) - IMSLP: Free Sheet Music PDF Download

Among the first to feature national folk dance elements in works of classical ballet, choreographer Arthur Saint-Leon set a precedent that would pave the way for the powerhouses of Swan Lake and Raymonda. The choreography we will see on stage next week dates back to , with the spirit infusion of folk dances extending even further into European history.

Amidst mazurkas boleros, and csardas', the tale of Hoffman's macabre Dr. Coppelius and the doll-centered love triangle will unfold--a subtle collision of cultures, movement, and political revolution. As the possibilities that accompany a New Year marinate and begin to emerge through the month of January, Coppelia seems a fitting celebration--the awakening of and longing to connect with dormant parts of ourselves along with the animation of spirits slowed by cold, yet warmed with love and the joys of motion.

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Researchers have identified this improvised style as a fashion born in the early Renaissance and at one time popular all over Europe. The second characteristic of the Hungarian dance style is that it is predominately male-centric. Competitive male dance has long historical roots in the region, reaching back to military recruiting dances verbunk , stick dances and even victory celebration dances.

Even in the couples' dances, the men have a disproportionately more energetic role. The woman's job is to follow her partner's lead. Thirdly, Hungarian dancers make full use of all the rhythmic opportunities. From finger snapping through clapping, stomping, and heel clicking, a wide variety of rhythmic accompaniments accent the dance. But perhaps the most characteristic rhythmic element in Hungarian dance is boot slapping. Hungarian Folk Music The music of Hungary is lively and unique.

Csárdás (Monti)

Most commonly, the Gypsy band is made up of fiddle, modified viola, and string bass. Sometimes the band is joined by accordion and other modern amplified instruments. Both Hungarians and Slovaks consider it to be their national dance.

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During the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and its army, dance events were used as an opportunity for recruiting new soldiers. Herdsmen's Stick Dance Herdsmen from the Hungarian Great Plain dance the stick dance, one of the most ancient and unspoiled dance related to herding animals in Eastern Europe.