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The lyrics to "Teeth the Size of Piano Keys" are an adaptation of the Charles Bukowski poem "I'm in Love" and feature several direct quotations from the poem.

Supriya Ghosh Editor A teacher by profession and engineer by trade. Updated on Jan 07, Like Comment Share. Contents Chiodos two birds stoned at once Chiodos bone palace ballet version full album Additional information Title origins Personnel Songs References Following the album's release, it entered the U. Chiodos bone palace ballet version full album. Additional information In the DVD section of this reissue, there is an appearance by the Trailer Park Boys at the Chiodos Madison Square Garden performance, and footage of them shown backstage with the band.

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The lyrics are of the pieces that Craig feels comfortable sharing, as the letter, which he reviews in times of distress, still means a great deal to him. The Final Battle " pays homage to how the band used to watch wrestling when they were young. Romano workhardened. Peterson French horn by Jacob Hoffman. Amelia Boone. Meg Cranston. Notification Sent. You, Me, and the Lion Tamer. Brendan Mathews. Nicholas Becher. Jill McCorkle.

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Bone Palace Ballet

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Bone Palace Ballet

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