Aphelion: Tales from the Dark Recesses

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I truly find them helpful, more often than not. Unlike many writers who keep drawing upon their childhoods and I do the same at times , my formative period was the nine or ten years I spent on the streets of New York, my descent into the nighttime underground.

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Tell us some of the better known lit. The reason I am asking is that you have really covered ground in terms of broad publication online, and it is fascinating to me…. I also have upcoming work in Decomp and some new stuff in a great zine called Scythe. I love Juked, and I think editor, J. Wang is terrific to work with.

Name the ten strangest sounding lit. I love the name of these journals. You are the king of the underground lit journal scene IMO. I never did manage to break into Alien Sloth Sex.

It will remain the bane of my existence. In my case, one complimented the other or provided a relief valve from the other. In a similar vein, writing for me is a chance to escape myself, my surroundings, which can be stifling at times. And also there is this thing about using a pen name, Kyle Hemmings. I like the idea of inventing an author, of hiding behind this person. Anything by Arthur Lee or Brian Wilson. I love early seventies and derivatives of garage, including some forms of punk.

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I also like techno and house. I love mostly everything from the psychedelic period when I was growing up. I love any music that stays with me for years and years. I liked some of the old Grand Funk Railroad. It just amazes me that some of these old rockers can still play so good, some better than before. There is some insinuation at this point that Red and Aphelion have been physically intimate, and that is insinuated here again. But there is more going on here. This song provides a context for the rest of the album that frames the previous singles Salvation Code, Datastream, Empty Streets, and Aphelion as past events.

This supposition is based on a description of the song Pro-Bots and Robophobes:. The story is told from the distant future by Red, the main character of the lore of Scandroid, in a way that resembles the Exodus in Christianity.

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There in the digital ether, they invoked a hidden hope. The synthwave is strong with this track and it is just as compelling as Salvation Code. This song also has a subtle sexiness to it.

Empty Streets is the eighth track on the new Scandroid album, and it was also a single. This song also plays an import role in the story of Scandroid. At the end of the official music video, is also the first appearance of Aphelion. This video also gives us a visual representation of Old Tokyo. It tells the story of the awakening of the first android, in the distant past — Atom 7k. He then woke E.

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And then deep below Old Tokyo, he created Eden a place for sentient androids. This acts as a background story of how the Tokyo fell to the machines and man fled to Neo-Tokyo.

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The musical style of this song, like Aphelion, also feels like a love song. This time between androids. Atom and E. Neo-Tokyo is the eleventh track on Scandroid and describes the dream of escaping from the clutches of Old-Tokyo and achieving life in the sky city of Neo-Tokyo. Pro-Bots and Robophobes was the fifth single that Scandroid released, and acts as the twelfth track.

Aphelion - Tales from the Dark Recesses (Electronic book text)

Atom then led his people beneath Old-Tokyo to a place humans would not follow. Their destiny brought them here to use the Salvation Code to bring an end to the ancient conflict between humans and androids. It brings closure to an excellent album. Human and Machine.

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This song is the albums resolution and it brings the first tracks Blade Runner influence back ten-fold. It is a fitting final track. It is worth noting that a remix of Eden caps the album off, but Singularity is the true concluding piece story wise. Scandroid is a strong album and has earned a place on my listening list. The story I have pieced together from information that is available to me at this time, so there may be nuances that I missed or misinterpreted. Scandroid is also being heavily featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming cyberpunk short fiction anthology, Cyber World.

Scandroid drops its full album on November 11th, You can pre-order Scandroid on October 21st here.

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You can find more information about Cyber World here. You can follow Scandroid on Facebook and Twitter. Fergie Meek October 21, , pm. Isaac Wheeler Veritas October 22, , am. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Remember Me. Please enter your username or email address.

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Scandroid by Scandroid Shout is the fourth track on the album, and a cover of the 80s pop band, Tears for Fears. Tags: celldweller , circle of dust , klayton , scandroid. Share This Post. Written by Isaac L.